Robotic and autonomous systems, identified by the UK government as one of the ‘eight great technologies’, are revolutionising our lives, the economy and human society. At Leeds, we are driving innovation in this growing area of technology.

Our multidisciplinary teams of engineers, scientists and clinicians are developing novel robotic systems and the underpinning technologies with the aim of improving people’s lives and satisfying human curiosity. Whether it’s designing systems to help patients recover after stroke or building robots to explore previously unseen chambers in the great pyramids of Egypt, we are recognised as being at the forefront of robot design and construction.

Our industrial partners, researchers and students can now access a suite of technologies for robot design and construction that is among the most advanced in the world. Our national facility is backed by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) as part of the Government’s drive to improve Britain’s international competitiveness in robotics.

We’re keen to undertake robotic research and development in collaboration with academics and industry in the UK and overseas.”

Facility Director