Professor Anne Neville

Holds the only RAEng Chair in Emerging Technologies in the UK and is an ERC Advanced Fellow. She has experience of running large multi partner projects funded through TSB, EPSRC and FPVII. She is currently coordinating two FP VII Marie Curie ITNs in Engine Tribochemistry and Bearing Technologies and is Co-I on a large FP VII project on new technologies for hip joints. She runs, with Professor Alfred Cuschieri in Dundee and Professor Jayne in Leeds, an ERC Advanced Investigator Grant on hydrocolonoscopy. She is Scientific Director of the recently awarded HTC in Colorectal Disease led by Professor Jayne. She is co-founder of the Leeds International Oncological Engineering conference that was held for the second time in September 2012.

t:+44 (0) 113 343 6812

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