Dr Richard Wilkie

Associate Professor in Cognitive Health in the School of Psychology, University of Leeds. A background in Psychology and Computer Science, he came to Leeds as a lecturer in 2005 and established the Perception, Action and Cognition Labs. His research examines how humans control skilled actions (such as writing, catching a ball or driving a car), how they learn to carry out skilled actions, and how these behaviours rely upon intact body and brain. Current research investigates how healthy individuals carry out skilled actions (e.g. laparoscopic surgery). Various cognitive deficits (e.g. stroke) can lead to impairments in everyday interactions with the world with serious consequences for quality of life, so he is also interested in how best to support rehabilitation regimes for these individuals.  His work has been supported by grants from EPSRC, MRC, Wellcome, Remedi and the Nuffield Foundation.

t: +44 (0) 113 343 6681

Twitter: @WilkieRichard

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