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Assistive Robotics

A significant number of people currently suffer from disabilities or chronic conditions, which limit their physical capability. There are three particular groups of individuals whose physical capabilities are limited:

  • People with some form of congenital disability from birth.
  • Individuals whose physical capabilities have been affected by illness, disease or accident.
  • Older people who have gradually lost capability as a result of the natural ageing process.

Additionally there are individuals, who are engaged in tasks that are arduous and repetitive who could also benefit from some enhancement of their capabilities.

Modular assistive robotics systems could be used to help these groups by offering solutions to protect health and improve and prolong independence.

At Leeds our research engineers are working with doctors, scientists, designers and industry to generate novel systems.

Examples of our work include

Academic lead
Dr Abbas Dehghani
Senior Lecturer

Research team
Professor Robert Richardson, Professor of Robotics
Dr Todd Stewart, Senior Lecturer, Medical Engineering
Dr Ozz Querin, Senior Lecturer, Structural Optimisation and Finite Element Analysis
Dr Nutapong Somjit, Lecturer, Microsensors and MEMS ICs and RFIC-MEMS integrations
Dr Marc De Kamps, Lecturer, Artificial intelligence and Biological Systems

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