Future Manufacturing Processes

Academic Contact: Professor Russell Harris
Academic staff: Dr Robert Kay, Professor Russell Harris

The Future Manufacturing Processes research group investigate and develop novel manufacturing processes. In essence, we seek to drive new innovations in products and applications by investigating new ways to create them. At its heart, our research resides in exploring innovative methods and bespoke instruments to provide this.

We are providing this through our research in Hybrid Manufacturing Processes which concerns digitally-driven and template-less processes which are founded on cross-technology platforms with the integration of emergent physical sciences. Our body of research has been recognised as being world-leading.

Our relationship with robotics broadly covers two areas:

  • Our manufacturing process research is conducted from an original baseline. We do this to allow us to explore novel hypothesis and paradigms of new manufacturing capabilities. This means that a large proportion of our work involves the design, engineering, and creation of unique electro-mechanical apparatus that operates under computer-control; and hence synergy with several aspects of robotics.
  • A number of our research projects often incorporate application areas that are directly or partly relevant to robotics. These projects are based in a variety of engineering sectors, but have the commonality of pursuing new capability, devices, and applications that add value to society and the economy.

Some further existing information can be found on the Future Manufacturing Processes Research Group Pages.