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Seminar: Getting Comfortable around Humans: A Path for close and physical Human-Robot Collaboration, Luis Figueredo, University of Nottingham


Abstract Recent advances in robotics technologies have narrowed the gap between humans and robots. Nonetheless, despite this progress, robots are still rarely thought of as being close to or physically engaging with humans. Indeed, integrating robots into human environments and assisting in manipulation tasks that require direct contact or collaboration remains one of the main...

Seminar: Towards More Autonomy for Unmanned Vehicles: Research on Autonomous Gas Source Search, Dr. Hyondong Oh, UNIST, South Korea


Abstract Unmanned vehicles have become prevalent in both military and civilian applications, significantly impacting our daily lives. Among them, the use of a team or swarm of unmanned vehicles stands out due to their adaptability, versatility, and ability to collaborate effectively toward shared objectives, featuring inherent redundancy. A crucial research question arises: how unmanned vehicles...

Seminar: Engineering and controlling magnetic microrobots for enhanced drug delivery, Dr Simone Schuerle, ETH Zurich


Abstract: Delivering drugs effectively to diseased sites remains a major challenge in medicine. A significant number of Phase 3 clinical trials for cancer therapy fail due to inadequate efficacy at tolerated dosages. One promising approach is the transmission of external energies, such as magnetic fields, to drug carriers, to enhance transport to desired locations. However,...

Seminar: Ingestible, Implantable, Interventional Robotic Devices (I3 RoD): Some Case Studies, Prof Arianna Menciassi, SSA, Italy


Abstract: Robotic technologies are becoming pervasive in healthcare, with a lot of advanced platforms clinically employed and providing a great benefit for both patients and the entire healthcare system. Robots for minimally invasive surgery, robots for radiation therapy delivery, robots for steering catheters and miniature devices in the human body, endoluminally or transluminally, are already...