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Seminar: Applications of Robotic Systems in the Nuclear Industry, Prof. Barry Lennox, University of Manchester

Wednesday 24 February 2021, 12.00-13.00
Zoom - Link TBC

Abstract: The nuclear industry has a long history of using remote equipment to support the operation and decommissioning of its facilities. However, as pressures grow to perform operations in nuclear environments more quickly, with fewer risks and at reduced costs, the need for robotic systems and, where possible, autonomous systems increases. This presentation will focus primarily on decommissioning, describing some of the challenges faced by the nuclear industry, and will then provide some examples of the robotics work that has been completed at the University of Manchester and at other academic institutions to address these challenges. Much of the work that will be described has been developed as part of the Robotics and AI in Nuclear

(RAIN) Hub that has been funded with approximately £15M from UKRI.

Further details of RAIN are available here: