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Seminar: Enabling Mobile In vivo Robotic Surgery: from Micro-Patterned Materials to Autonomous, Dr Mark Rentschler, University of Colorado

Monday 8 October 2018


There is a need for surgical tools and devices to migrate from manual operation and remote-control, to more automated processes that can provide additional information and insight to the physician without an undue operational burden. This talk will focus on key aspects for enabling these mobile in vivo devices including studies of tissue mechanics, predictive tissue fusion, leveraging adhesion/friction mechanics of micro-structures, and autonomous in vivo robotic locomotion.


Dr. Mark Rentschler is an Associate Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado (CU). He is the founder of the Advanced Medical Technologies Laboratory (AMTL), which focuses medical mechatronics and surgical robotic systems, design and control. He has published over 150 conference and journal papers and is a named inventor on over 30 issued patents. In 2010, Dr. Rentschler founded the Graduate Design program in Mechanical Engineering at (CU). He is currently the Director of the Faculty Innovation Ambassadors program at CU and was recently named the Sylvia Norviel Cancer Research Faculty Fellow. Dr. Rentschler holds degrees from the University of Nebraska and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and Senior Member of IEEE.