Seminar: Soft Robots in, on and around us – cyborgs, robotic organisms, and the Right Trousers, Professor Jonathan Rossiter, University of Bristol

  • Date:
  • Time: 12.00 - 13.00
  • Location: SCAPE LT A (2.23) (or via Teams - e-mail for link)

Abstract: Soft Robotics have the potential to disrupt all aspects of our lives, from healthcare and entertainment to environmental remediation and manufacturing. To deliver this paradigm shift requires integrated research across the pipeline from fundamental smart materials to complete soft robots.  In this presentation we will overview recent developments in the pathway of development from smart materials to soft-smart machines in the SoftLab group at the University of Bristol. These will include unconventional electroactive polymer actuators, 3D actuated lattice structures, self-healing printable gels and soft matter computers using electrolytic liquids and liquid metals. Demonstrated applications include wearable soft robotics for mobility, electroskin robots and electro origami.  We hope these technologies will help accelerate the coming generation of smart soft robots. 

Bio: Jonathan Rossiter is Professor of Robotics at Bristol Robotics Laboratory and the University of Bristol.  He is Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies, and previously held EPSRC and Royal Society Fellowships.  He leads the SoftLab research group, developing soft systems and technologies for robotics, healthcare and environmental interaction. These include tackling physical and mental health conditions, encompassing wearable rehabilitation and assist suits for sarcopenia and stroke, affective calming cushions to combat anxiety, and implantable soft robotic devices.  Core technologies under development extend from smart electroactive soft materials, with edible and biodegradable properties, to soft matter computation, where non-silicon computing is achieved in the body of the soft robot.