Seminar: Robotics in Architecture, Prof. Henriette Bier, from TU Delft

  • Date:
  • Time: 12.00 - 13.00
  • Location: Zoom - Please e-mail for access details

Abstract: Robotic Building (RB) research has been focusing on advancing robotics in architecture. With help of 4TU funding RB lab have been established in 2014. Since then, RB research focuses on the integration of Design-to-Robotic-Production and -Operation (D2RP&O) chains by linking design and production with smart operation of the built environment and by advancing applications in performance optimization, robotic manufacturing, and user-driven building operation. It implies both physically built robotic environments and robotically supported building processes. When environments incorporate sensor-actuator mechanisms that enable buildings to interact with their users and surroundings in real-time, their conceptualisation and materialisation process requires D2RP&O chains that link design to production and operation of buildings. In this context, design becomes process- instead of object-oriented, use of space becomes time- instead of program- or function-based, which implies that architects design increasingly processes, while users operate multiple time-based architectural configurations emerging from the same physical space that may physically or sensorially reconfigure in accordance to environmental and user specific needs.

Bio: After graduating in architecture (1998) from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany, Henriette Bier has worked with Morphosis (1999-2001) on internationally relevant projects in the US and Europe. She has taught digitally-driven architectural design (2002-2003) at universities in Austria, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands and since 2004 she mainly teaches and researches at Technical University Delft (TUD) with focus on Robotic Building. She initiated and coordinated (2005-06) the workshop and lecture series on Digital Design and Fabrication with invited guests from MIT and ETHZ and finalized (2008) her PhD on System-embedded Intelligence in Architecture. She coordinated EU projects E-Archidoct and F2F Continuum (2007-10) and led 4TU projects RDCB and Adaptive Joints (2015-18). 2017-19, she has been appointed professor at Dessau Institute of Architecture. Results of her research are internationally published in books, journals and conference proceedings and she regularly lectures and leads workshops internationally.