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Pint of Robotics: Margaret Rox, George Freeman, and Dr Onaizah Onaizah


Speaker 1: Margaret Rox (Mechanical Engineering Department, Vanderbilt University). Margaret Rox is a 6th year PhD candidate in Professor Bob Webster’s lab at Vanderbilt University (MEDLab). She has both a bachelor's and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, from Lipscomb University and Vanderbilt University, respectively (2016, 2021). She will be finishing her PhD in the...

Seminar: Concentric tube continuum robots – from heart valve repair to brain tumor surgery, Prof Pierre E. Dupont, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School


Abstract: Concentric tube robots are comprised of telescoping precurved superelastic tubes. Their shape is controlled by rotating and translating the tubes with respect to each other at their base. With diameters of 1-4mm, they are well suited for minimally invasive medical applications.  Invented just over a decade ago, the theory for designing, modeling and controlling...

Seminar: Soft, stiffness-controllable robotic systems – future applications and impact , Prof Gerhard Neumann, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany


Abstract: Departing from traditional types of robots, which are based on an arrangement of rigid link elements connected via joints, soft material robots are made of fundamentally different structures. With the increased interest in the use of soft materials for the creation of highly dexterous robots, soft material robotics has established itself as an important research...

Seminar: Rethinking Architectural Robotics, Dr Stefana Parascho, Princeton University, USA


Abstract Robotics and digital technologies have been changing the way we design and build. But the question today is no longer “What can we do with a robot?” but “How can we use robots for design and construction meaningfully leverage the potential of machines and algorithms to achieve more informed design and construction processes?” We...

Seminar: Origami robot: pathway of self-assembling bulk materials towards autonomous artefacts, Shuhei Miyashita, University of Sheffield


Abstract This talk presents the exploration of new capabilities of robots through the development of new hardware and the building method. I will start with presenting how to approach making things in a bottom-up fashion: starting with bulk parts, let them form higher dimensional structures, up to 3D structures, and ultimately attain some level of...

Seminar: Soft Robots in, on and around us - cyborgs, robotic organisms, and the Right Trousers, Professor Jonathan Rossiter, University of Bristol


Abstract: Soft Robotics have the potential to disrupt all aspects of our lives, from healthcare and entertainment to environmental remediation and manufacturing. To deliver this paradigm shift requires integrated research across the pipeline from fundamental smart materials to complete soft robots.  In this presentation we will overview recent developments in the pathway of development from smart materials...

Seminar: Robot Motion Planning with the Cloud, Optimization, and Deep-Learning, Dr. Jeffrey Ichnowski, UC Berkeley.


Abstract: Planning a constrained obstacle-free motion for a robot can be computationally complex, often resulting in slow computation of inefficient motions. In this talk, we propose solutions to (1) speed up computation using Fog Robotics serverless computing, (2) compute time-optimized motions that incorporate pick-and-place gripper-aware constraints, and (3) warm start motion planning using deep learning....

Pint of Robotics: A new in-person event, Muhammad A. Mohd Sharif; Rafael De Castro Aguiar, University of Leeds.


Speaker 1: Muhammad A. Mohd Sharif (School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds) Title: Novel Wall Traction Generation Mechanism based on Hydrodynamic Downforce for In-Pipe Robot Locomotion Inside Active Water Pipelines Abstract: It is estimated that around 3 billion litres of water are wasted through leakages every day throughout England from pipes that are reaching...

Career Advice and Mentoring: Dr Mehmet Dogar, University of Leeds


Speaker: Dr Mehmet Dogar (School of Computing, University of Leeds) When: Tuesday 2nd November, 18:00 - 21:00 Where: The Library Pub, The Lending Room, 1st Floor (229 Woodhouse Lane, LS2 3AP). Short bio: Dr Mehmet Dogar is an Associate Professor in the School of Computing at Leeds, having joined in 2015. His research and that...

Career Advice and Mentoring: Dr Ornella Iuorio, University of Leeds


Speaker: Dr Ornella Iuorio (School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds) When: Wednesday 22nd September, 18:00 - 21:00 Where: The Library Pub, The Lending Room, 1st Floor (229 Woodhouse Lane, LS2 3AP). Short bio: Dr. Ornella Iuorio is an academic, researcher and designer working at the edge between architecture and structures. Ornella received a PhD...