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A Pint of Robotics

A Pint of Robotics

A Pint of Robotics is a monthly in-person event, with invited speakers from across the world sharing their exciting research with us! A wide range of topics is discussed, including (but not limited to) Field Robotics, Medical Robotics, Space Robotics, Robot Learning, Drones, Human-Robot Interaction, AI, Autonomous Vehicles, Virtual Reality, etc.

Organizers: Sam Wilcock, Nikita Greenidge, Yuhui Wan, Michael Brockdorff, Alistair Bacchetti and Erick Romo. (Logo by Aleks Attanasio).

Season 2021/2022

30 June 2022

This Pint of Robotics will host one speaker from the University of Leeds, Geroge Freeman, and a guest speaker from Vanderbilt University, Margaret Rox. In addition, there will be a mentoring talk from Dr Onaizah Onaizah.

2 November 2021: A new in-person event

This event will be our second in-person event at the Library Pub!
Two speakers from the University of Leeds will be talking about their current research: Muhammad A. Mohd Sharif and Rafael De Castro Aguiar

22 September 2021: Return of the in-person events

For the first time since covid started, this event will be an in-person event at the Library Pub!
Three speakers from the University of Leeds will be talking about their current research: James Martin, Jose Sosa Martinez and Shuhao Dong

Season 2020/2021

19 May 2021: Jan-Nico Zaech, ETH Zürich

Title: From Tracking to Planning: Context Understanding for Autonomous Systems

05 May 2021: Dr Susana Sanchez, Softbank Robotics Europe

Title: Human-Centered Robotics: Towards Assisted and Intuitive Co-Manipulation

21 Apr 2021: Andrey Rudenko, Robert Bosch GmbH – Corporate Research

Title: Human Motion Prediction for Safe and Efficient Operation in Human Environments

7 Apr 2021: Dr Devesh Jha, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)

Title: A Vision Towards Feedback Robotic Manipulation

24 Mar 2021: Roland Sonsalla, German Research Center for AI (DFKI)

Title: Next Generation Space Robotics and AI

10 Mar 2021: Dr Wolfgang Merkt, University of Oxford

Title: Towards whole-body model predictive control for safe and compliant interaction

24 Feb 2021: Dr Claudio Coppola, Queen Mary University of London

Title: Learning Human Actions: from Perception to Robot Learning

03 Feb 2021: Thendral Govindaraj, Georgia Institute of Technology

Title: The role of force-dependent feedback in the regulation of limb impedance and inter-joint coordination

27 Jan 2021: Francesco Del Duchetto, University of Lincoln & Saga Robotics

Title: In-situ learning from human interactions in public spaces

20 Jan 2021: Dr Fabrizio Schiano, EPFL

Title: My journey from single to multi-drone systems

09 Dec 2020: Dr Maria Kyrarini, University of Texas at Arlington

Title: Robot Learning by Motor-Impaired Teachers

25 Nov 2020: Dr Alexandros Kogkas, Imperial College London

Title: Perceptually-enabled interactions towards the Operating Theatre of the Future